Google Finance Alternative

An alternative to Google Finance, OptionVisualizer is a full-featured, easy-to-use search engine for stock options. With OptionVisualizer, you'll find interesting and unique investment ideas. Plus, you'll gain access to historical data that is unavailable through any other service.

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Feature Comparison

OptionVisualizerGoogle Finance
Stock Screening
Option Screening
Compound Filters
Current Option Data
Historical Option Data
Option Strategies
Email support
Focused on simplicity

Looking for an alternative to Google Finance? See how OptionVisualizer can help your investing process.

Google Finance is a great tool and be can useful for certain investors. The service is particulary strong when it comes to quickly looking up stock prices or option data. However, Google Finance has no capabilities to construct stock or option searches, nor does it allow you to search based on option strategies. OptionVisualizer in unique from Google Finance in a few different ways. OptionVisualizer has a years' worth of historical data for every stock option and all associated data, allowing you to view the trend over time. Also, OptionVisualizer has a unique interface that allows for constructing complex searches using a simple interface and finding unique investment ideas.