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What is OptionVisualizer?

Generate better returns by discovering unique investment ideas

Increase Your Returns

Discover unique investment ideas to generate better investment returns

  • Unusual Activity
  • High Implied Volatility
  • Large Volume
  • Cheap Price
  • Close to Expiration
  • Probability of Profit
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Complete Set of Features

Better software than hedge funds have.

Stock Screening

The entire US stock market available to search through. Any stock traded through any of the 19 US exchanges which has options is supported through the platform.

Option Screening

Specify detailed search parameters to find the exact stock options that meet your investment criteria.

Pre-Made Screens

The most popular searches are pre-made for you. Use them as-is or customize them for your needs.


Every possible parameter you will need. Implied volatility, bid/ask, greeks, and more. Mix and match them however you want.

Option Strategies

Actionable ideas for a variety of different objectives. From basic strategies like calls and puts to advanced strategies like straddles.

High Quality Data

Over 31,000 Stocks and ETFs. Over 1.7 million stock options. All sourced from OPRA and refreshed throughout the trading day.

Free to use. No credit card required.

Customer Testimonials

I recently started using Option Visualizer to screen for attractive options and the UI and entire site are amazing to use.

Found your webpage and absolutely love it. It's exactly what I have been seeking for years.

LOVE this tool. It is so great! Thank you for making it available.